Price and Trade Information On 22/02/2018
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Community Contribution

Beside our task towards port development, we try our best to facilitate government mission on poverty deduction by contributing our necessary resources to rehabilitate infrastructures such as road, irrigation, school, and other equipments for our people in rural area. Some of port employees are scheduled to visit rural areas to actively work with residents in modernizing their life and provide some necessary assistance to them.


Port Environment

Environmental Issue: Concerning to environmental protection in the port area, PPAP has already created a proper system for truck operation aiming to reduce negative impact to air, noise and traffic congestion in port area as well as in the city. Moreover, PPAP also took some actions to reduce solid waste from port and ship as well.

Environmental Policy: In line with our Mission to create sound economic growth through maritime commerce and related development, Phnom Penh Autonomous Port wants to ensure the sustainable development of the port by making efforts to foster the growth and to protect the environment by minimizing the environmental impact on air, land, water, traffic congestion and noise from port activities.

To reach this mission, PPAP commits to comply with national legislation and other requirements to reduce pollution, prevent accidents and continually improve its environmental performance actively respond to environmental pollution and accidents within the port area increase environmental awareness and responsibilities among port staff by training them maintain a close relationship with all stakeholders and encourage them to improve their environmental awareness and performance develop an environmental management system that outlines achievable objectives and targets in an environmental program, that will be published to all relevant authorities, employees and other stakeholders ensure that port facilities and operations are undertaken in a manner that respects the environment, and prevents or minimizes pollution.



Speed Boat

Phnom Penh Autonomous Port wishes to announce that our speed boat service (Phnom Penh - Siem Reap and Siem Reap - Phnom Penh) will start operating from 10th August, 2010 on. For more information please contact:

  • 855 11 898 899
  • 855 12 789 531
  • 855 12 784 568
  • 855 12 754 033
  • 855 12 918 768

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